While the Obama administration continues to pay lip service to the American ideals of freedom and prosperity, its actions clearly show that it supports very different values.

In the waning days of the Bush administration, free trade deals were signed with three important American allies: Colombia, Panama and South Korea.

Congressional leftists managed to destroy the “fast track” process which was in place until 2007.  This process had prevented the leftists from delaying free trade deals by attacking them with and endless stream of minor modifications.

The Obama administration has failed to implement the free trade deals with Colombia, Panama and South Korea — a slap in the face to our allies.

According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, this failure of the Obama administration is responsible for the loss of 383,400 American jobs.  Read the full report at Trade Action—or Inaction: The Cost for American Workers and Companies.

The United States is not a great country due to the actions of chance, the United States is a great country due to adherence to a certain set of ideals.  Chief among those ideals liberty.  Free trade is the economic expression of liberty.  No person can truly call themselves an American while opposing the free exchange of goods and services.  Cuba is just a few miles off the coast of Florida.  I highly recommend it as a destination for anyone who believes that government control of the economic decisions of individuals is preferably to freedom.