A new blog on economics and investing is being launched this week. The new web site, BankableInsight, will be focused on educating the public on economic issues that affect their lives. The site will publish economic analysis for non-economists with the intent of helping readers become more informed citizens and investors.

Unlike most similar web sites, BankableInsight will be focused on Main Street, not Wall Street. It will serve retail investors, not institutional investors. It will help non-professional investors make better decisions on how to manage their investment capital.

BankableInsight will also help readers understand the economic aspects of government policy decisions, from taxes and regulations to immigration and the federal debt.

Finally, BankableInsight will publish useful advice on saving money to help readers accumulate funds that can be used for investment.

Please visit the new blog, like them on Facebook, +1 them on Google+, and follow them on Twitter. Projects like these are incredibly difficult to get off the ground and your support will help provide motivation to the entire development team.