Consensual Crimes Do Not Belong in a Free Society

This includes blue laws, drug laws, prostitution laws, and any other law which utilizes our tax dollars to prevent people we do not know from doing things which do not harm anyone but themselves.

Free Trade Benefits Everyone

Protectionism does not create long-term benefits. In the short term, protectionism hinders competition and raises prices. In the long term, the free market always finds a way to work around protectionism.

Immigration Made This Country Great

The hard working people who made the arduous journey to this country built the greatest nation on earth. Current immigration laws deny this country the youthful energy of immigration. Current immigration laws are thinly-veiled racism.

Treat People with Respect

People deserve to be treated with respect. We do not believe that a government which seeks to micro-manage every aspect of its citizens lives treats its citizens with the proper degree of respect.

Governments Exist By Consent of the Governed

Mankind existed long before national governments. Government was created to serve the needs of the people. Government seems to have forgotten that.

Free Markets Work

Government regulation is, in every case, less efficient than the regulation provided by millions of independent buyers and sellers in a free economy.

Fewer Crimes Lead to Better Enforcement

If our police forces were not required to waste their scarce resources hunting down marijuana smokers, they would be able to devote more of their time to keeping our streets and our homes safe from violent criminals.

Self-protection is a Responsibility

Self-protection is primarily the responsibility of the individual. The national government should assist against threats from foreign powers. The police should assist against threats against criminals. The individual has the responsibility to participate actively in his own defense.

All Men and Women Deserve Equal Treatment under the Law

All men and women are not created equal. Some are small, some are tall. Some are brilliant; some just barely manage to get by. All of these should be treated fairly and equally under the law. It is the responsibility of government to serve all of its citizens. It is not the responsibility of government to injure some of its citizens to benefit others.

Freedom of Speech

All of our other rights begin with the freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is our first defense against the loss of all other freedoms.

The Right to Bear Arms

The right to bear arms is our last defense against the loss of all other freedoms.

Racism is Stupid

Racism introduces artificial standards and inefficiency into the competitive process of the free market. Racists allow less capable students into their schools. Racists hire less capable employees into their businesses. Racists deny themselves potential markets for their good and services. Racists are stupid.

The U.S.A. is the Most Successful Social Experiment in the History of Mankind

The United States of America is the greatest country to ever exist on the earth. This is not due to our natural resources, our racial heritage, or our religious beliefs. This is due to our shared commitment to a set of ideals, which are comprised mostly of limited government and sound economic policy. The two men most responsible for the success of our country are John Locke and Adam Smith, neither of who ever stepped foot on this continent.

The Separation of Church and State

It is the job of government to serve the people. It is not the job of government to tell the people what to believe.

Marriage is a Religious Institution

We do not believe in state approval for homosexual marriage — or heterosexual marriage. A marriage is a relationship between two people and their God. The requirement to obtain the permission of a petty bureaucrat to be married is objectionable.