The United Nations was originally envisioned as a community of nations joined together to promote the democratic peace.

The United Nations has become almost the polar opposite of that original lofty goal.

The United Nations consistently puts petty national politics above the good of mankind.

The vast majority of member nations send corrupt politicans to New York with the mission of extort foreign aid from the American taxpayer.

The common method of extorting this aid is to vote against freedom and liberty on every possible issues, until the money flows from our pockets to theirs.

We the American taxpayers are attempting to purchase freedom and liberty for the people of the world, but they aren’t getting what we are paying for.

United Nations Scandals

Human Rights Commission

The United Nations Human Rights Commission includes members from Libya, Sudan, and Cuba who denounce America while ruthlessly murdering their own citizens without even the pretense of trial.

Is this what the American taxpayers should be spending their hard-earned dollars on?

Do we really need to pay to hear what these people have to say about our morals?

Oil For Food

United Nations officials were in the pay of Saddam Hussein. They made is possible for Saddam to steal the oil wealth of Iraq and live the life of a decadent prince while his people sufferred.

It is no wonder then that many United Nations officials were opposed to the war against their employer.

This also explains why these same officials were actually opposed to ending the trade restrictions after the war ended — they were hoping to continue to receive bribes — but now from the new Iraqi government.

Sexual Assault by United Nations Peacekeepers

United Nations peacekeepers have been involved in sex crimes in the Democratic Republic of Congo, East Timor, Cambodia and Kosovo.

These crimes have included the rape of women and children and forcing women into prostitution.