Media BiasMedia bias is an enormous phenomena in America. With few notable exceptions, the vast majority of professional journalists hold far left-wing views, and much worse — anti-American bias.

Some people believe that the solution is to eradicate media bias. I maintain that this is an impossible goal.

A more reasonable approach is to expect professional journalists to speak honestly about their biases.

At that point, we can become informed consumers of media.

At this point, the majority of Liberal journalists stubbornly refuse to admit media bias. They constantly spin news stories to put American, our people, and our leaders in the worst possible light. They constantly spew disparaging remarks about the values which we as a people hold dear. They insult the intelligence of the patriotic Americans who make this the greatest country on Earth. And then with straight faces, they deny this ever happened.

FoxNews displays a pro-American and Conservative bias. The difference with FoxNews is that they openly admit their pro-American bias and their conservative bias. The differences are that the FoxNews journalists are honest. They do not not insult our intelligence with outright lies.

Its time that CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, and PBS display some moral fortitude and speak openly and honestly about their convictions.

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