The Universal Web Liberty Statement is a promise made by ethical webmasters to support universal liberty for all web users.

This is much more than a privacy statement. Liberty is far more important than privacy.

Supporters of the Universal Web Liberty Statement agree to:


  • Allow the same access to published information for all legitimate site visitors, regardless of geo-targeting.
  • Assist web users, whenever legally possible, in circumventing restrictions on the freedom of information.


  • Protect the confidentiality of site visitors as far as it technically and legally possible. This includes:
    • Deleting log files in a systematic and timely manner.
    • Only sharing user information with outside entities in response to a legally binding court order.
  • Refuse to share user information with authoritarian governments whenever possible.


  • Enable web users, whenever legally possible, full access to all available resources without requiring identification.

Freedom of Speech

  • Limit censorship of user-generated content to the minimum that is legally allowable.
  • Limit self-censorship of self-generated content to the minimum that is legally allowable.


  • Support the same basic freedoms for all people, regardless of their nationality or place of birth.



Web Proxies

On a practical level, access, anonymity, and privacy can be provided by the use of web proxies. These three things make freedom of speech possible for those who live under the heel of authoritarian regimes.

These web sites provide lists of web proxies: