The quality of armed forces of the world ranges from frighteningly good to terrifyingly awful.

The countries represented by these world armed forces run the gamut from dear friends to uncompromising enemies.

The United States maintains a significant technological edge over most of the armed forces of the world.

There is a significant difference in the capabilities of an American soldier, upon whom the American taxpayer spends an average of $243K per year, and a $19K/yr Chinese soldier.

Perhaps even more importantly, the United States maintains a significant edge in troop training over the armed forces of hostile states.

As a military strategist, is is important to maintain a good knowledge level of all of the armed forces of the world. The armed forces of our nations enemies must be continually monitored for potential weakness. The armed forces of the friendly nations of the world must be constantly communicated with to ensure that when we go to battle together we do so in the most coordinated manner possible. Only through effective coordination can friendly casualties be held to the absolute minimums.

Armed Forces of the World

From How to Make War

Armada Agentina

Argentina – Navy

Sitio Oficialde la Fuerza Aera Argentina

Argentina – Air Force

Bundesministeriums f�r Landesverteidigung


Australian Defence Department


Australian Army

Australia – Army

Royal Australian Navy

Australia – Navy

Royal Australian Air Force

Australia – Air Force

Bangladesh Army



Belgium Defence

Exercito Brasileiro

Brazil – Army

Marinha Do Brasil

Brazil – Navy

Porca Aerea Brasileira

Brazil – Air Force

Land Force

Canada – Army

Canada’s Navy

Canada – Navy

Canada’s Air Force

Canada – Air Force

Ejercito de Chile

Chile – Army

Armada de Chile

Chile – Navy

Fuerzas Militares De La Republica de Colombia

Colombia – Army

Armada de Colombia

Colombia – Navy

Fuerza Aerea Colombiana

Colombia – Air Force

Ministerstvo obrany CR

Czech Republic

Forsvarets Vaerneplight & Rekruttering

Denmark – Army

Sovaernets informations-server

Denmark – Navy

Flyvertaktisk Kommando

Denmark – Air Force

The Finnish Defense Forces


Ministere de da Defense




Indian Armed Forces


The Irish Defence Forces


Israel Defense Forces

Israel – Army

Israeli Air Force Web Site

Israel – Air Force


Israel – Special Forces

Esercito Italiano

Italy – Army

Marina Militare Italiana

Italy – Navy

Aeronautica Militate Italiana

Italy – Air Force

Japan Defense Agency


Republic of Korea Army

Korea – Army

Republic of Korea Navy

Korea – Navy

Republic of Korea Air Force

Korea – Air Force

Republic of Latvia


Ministeri van Defensie


New Zealand Army

New Zealand – Army

Royal New Zealand Navy

New Zealand – Navy

Royal New Zealand Airforce

New Zealand – Air Force



Glorioso Ejercito del Peru

Peru – Army

Marina De Guerra Del Peru

Peru – Navy

Fuerza Aerea del Peru

Peru – Air Force

The Philippine Army

Philippines – Army

The Philippine Navy

Philippines – Navy

The Philippine Air Force

Philippines – Air Force

Marynarka Wojenna RP

Poland – Navy



de Forca Aerea Portugesa

Portugal – Air Force



South African Department of Defence

South Africa

Ejercito De Tierra

Spain – Army

Armada Espanola

Spain – Navy

EjercitoDel Aire

Spain – Air Force




Unofficial site about the weapons, vehicles, and equipment in the Swedish Armed Forces

Federal Department of Defense, Civil Protection and Sports


Royal Thai Army

Thailand – Army

Royal Thai Navy

Thailand – Navy

Turkish Armed Forces


Turkish Military Academy

Turkey – Military Academy

A total overview of all the UK’s Armed Forces

The British Army

United Kingdom – Army

The Royal Navy

United Kingdom – Navy

The Royal Air Force

United Kingdom – Air Force