The Human Rights Foundation is a private foundation dedicated to improving human rights in the Americas.

The foundation defines these basic human rights to which all humans are entitled as:

  • The right to speak freely
  • The right to worship in the manner of their choice
  • The right to freely associate with those of like mind
  • The right to acquire and dispose of property
  • The right to leave and enter their countries
  • The right to equal treatment and due process under law
  • The right to be able to participate in the government of their countries
  • Freedom from arbitrary detainment or exile
  • Freedom from slavery and torture
  • Freedom from interference and coercion in matters of conscience

The foundations work currently focuses on the worst violators of human rights in the Americas: Cuba, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Bolivia.

Please visit the HRF web site and determine if you can contribute time or money to help improve human rights in our hemisphere.