The planned economic collapse of the United States is now almost certainly inevitable.  The Obama administration has skyrocketed the federal debt level beyond anything we have previously seen, and his sycophants in Congress are approving new spending bills as fast as lobbyists can write them.

The only question now is how much social collapse will accompany this economic collapse.  How safe will the United States be when unemployment is double the current numbers?  How safe will your neighborhood be when the economic system collapses and there is no operational business infrastructure to provide fresh food?  How safe will you be when the culture of entitlement tells your neighbors that they have a right to everything you have worked for and saved?

You might be completely safe.  Maybe communism will work this time.  Maybe it won’t fail here, like it has everywhere else it has been tried.  Maybe we won’t see tens of millions of dead bodies, such as those that covered China and the Soviet Union after communism was imposed there.  Maybe — but I wouldn’t count on it.

You need a plan.  You need several plans — at least one for each category of likely disaster. Kevin from Survivalist Boards has created an extensive set of training videos to help you prepare — to help you preserve your family though the coming difficulties.

You can view all the videos from the Survivalist Boards YouTube Profile.

Here a sample video to get you started: