I was reading a new article on Obama’s recent “jobs summit” and I came across this quote from Bucknell University “economist” Gregory A. Krohn:

“The best remedies are aimed toward trying to stimulate demand. To me, the main economic problem facing the country is there’s too little demand for goods and services. To increase employment and productivity, we need to increase demand.”

It is disenheartening to discover that a man so obviously lost in this world holds a position of power and authority which allows him to corrupt our nations youth with such poor economic reasoning.

America does not need to increase demand.  At this point, every increase in American demand merely serves to improve the economy of China.  Worse, government initiatives to “stimulate” demand send both American consumers and American taxpayers deeper into the spiral of uncontrolled debt.

America’s economic trouble is not that we don’t have enough demand for stuff, and the solution is not for the government to waste taxpayer dollars in efforts to convince us to go further into debt to buy more stuff.

America’s economic trouble is that the government has created so many taxes, laws, and regulations that American businesses are no longer able to compete in the global marketplace.  Entrepreneurs no longer make decisions, bureaucrats do.  The U.S. government has slowly strangled the golden goose of American productivity.

No demand stimulus can repair this damage.  The only cures will come from getting government off the backs of the American people and allowing Americans to get back to work as free men.

Unfortunately, decades of Marxist indoctrination by our nations public school system has both created and empowered “economists” of the caliber of Dr. Krohn.  The blind now lead the blind, while living in denial of their own blindness. Before our nation can recover from it’s economic failure, it must first recover from it’s ignorance.