My daughter deserved to die for falling in love

My daughter deserved to die for falling in love is a truly heartwrenching story about the pain that can be caused by bad ideas.

It is the story of Rand Abdel-Qader, a 17yr old Iraqi girl. Rand was working as a volunteer helping displaced families when she came into contact with Paul, a young British soldier who was working to distribute water to Iraqi’s.

Young Rand became infatuated with Paul. Their relation never progressed past a few spoken words, because Rand’s father Abdel-Qader Ali beat her to death when he discovered her interest in the young soldier.

Rand’s mother Leila Hussein tried to stop her young daughter from being beaten to death. She called her sons Hassan and Haydar to stop their fathers violent outrage. Instead, they joined in the bloodlust and helped beat their young sister to death.

After the murder, Leila went into hiding. Unfortunately, she was found and gunned down in cold blood just a few weeks later.

And the murderers? The father was arrested and released within two hours. The other two murderers, Hassan and Haydar, were never arrested.

Islam means submission, but there are some whom mistakenly translate it to mean “peace.” Rand and Leila have found the peace of Islam.

Rand’s mother used to call her “Rose”, so this image is displayed in her honor.

Here is to Rose, whose love knew no boundaries and whose life was taken so young by those who know no love.

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This post, although written some time ago, and along with its relatives of similar issues, had saddens my heart greatly and deeply. I AM A MUSLIM, And I'm hurt not by what others say of my beloved religion, but by the heinous, stupid, irresponsible acts performed by my so called “brethren”. These acts will then be taken to be (oft mistakenly) as part and parcel of my beloved religion and creed. (For the record, below are my anguish rants toward those f@#&ing murderers) My rage burns for them taking such an ignoble act and passed it off as a command of GOD. HOW TREATCHEROUS OF THOU!! GOD never asks you to judge others so unjust because of her gender, nor to pass such cruel punishment for so little a crime!! Yes, HE asked that all men (and women) be a good shepherd and leader to all under their respective command. BUT, ever there be a shepherd that kills one of his lambs only because she wandered a little further than before? Never! It is stupid and ever wasteful to do so, no? A good shepherd will always chase and guide kindly and properly such wandering lamb for the little that she knows of the dangers beyond. I AM ASSHAMED SUCH MUSLIMS EXISTS. YOUR BARBARIC ACTS HAD TARNISHED THE NAME OF ISLAM AND ITS TRUE VALUES.

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