I was recently introduced to Pat Condell‘s Godless Comedy. I am amazed that I haven’t heard of Pat before. His stuff is absolutely hilarious and, more importantly, it’s pro-liberty.

Pat is British and he’s a recovering Catholic. He doesn’t like religion and most of his material is devoted to bashing the three “desert religions” — Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. He does make room, from time to time, for new upstart religions like Scientology.

Pat’s an Atheist and he really tries to be offensive, but he’s just too damned funny to be truly offensive to anyone with a bit of intelligence and a good sense of humor.

Pat’s web site says “Hi, I’m Pat Condell. I don’t respect your beliefs and I don’t care if you’re offended. Cheers.” It’s wonderfully British and it’s a wonderful break from the horrible political correctness which is afflicting our nation.

I even find it hilarious when he picks on the United States and my President, George W. Bush. Pat’s pretty uncomfortable with Britain becoming the 51st state. Of course, neither he nor anyone else has a sensible alternative, so all any of us can do is laugh at the monumental role reversal that history has thrust upon us.

You can see Pat’s videos on his web site or you can find them all on his YouTube channel.