There’s a lot of discussion about waterboarding these days. Is it torture? Is it acceptable? Is is necessary? Is it effective? Is it a good idea? It’s easy to become very emotional about the topic. We wouldn’t want someone to do that to us and we naturally find it difficult to think of ourselves as “the good guys” when we do it to other people.

But let’s put waterboarding in perspective. Here’s a video from a Turkish news source showing Al Qaeda terrorists burning some Iraqi captives alive. WATCH THE VIDEO.

In the video, you can see that the captives have been beaten so badly that they aren’t able to put up a fight. They just allow themselves to be kicked into the fire pit. How badly would you have to be beaten before you were not able to resist being set on fire?

Al Qaeda Burning Iraqi's Alive

These are clearly not nice people. I have difficulty caring about their rights or their comforts. I have difficulty caring if they are waterboarded to obtain information that could save innocent lives. I want these dirtbags off my planet. These are the Schutzstaffel of our generation and they must be stopped.