Mr. Obama – We Want Jobs; Not Welfare

President Obama criticized Congressional Republicans on Saturday for refusing to support yet another debt being loaded onto future generations of Americans. The President whined “If this obstruction continues, unemployed Americans will see their benefits stop. Teachers and firefighters will lose their jobs.” Yes, Mr. President. That’s what happens when overwhelming bureaucracy and debt strangle an […]

Obama Leaks May Jobs Report Data

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) issues a report every month listing the employment statistics of the previous month.  These reports are extremely valuable to financial analysts, especially now that the unemployment rate is almost double what it was under the Bush administration.  Stocks rise and fall on these numbers, money is made or lost, […]

24% of American Homes Are Upside Down

According to a report released by CoreLogic this week, 24% of all U.S. single-family residential properties are under water — meaning that the home is worth less than the homeowner owes on the home.  This condition affects 11.2 million American homeowners. Negative equity is one of the two main triggers of default on real-estate loans.  […]

Best to Worst Tax Systems for Small Business

One of the best things about living in the United States is the high degree of mobility Americans have in moving from one state to another.   You move, stand in line for half a day to get a new drivers license, lose another half a day updating your vehicle registration, update your auto insurance, stop […]

The Rights of Corporations

The recent Supreme Court ruling protecting the First Amendment rights of Americans, even if they are corporations or labor unions, causes many of us to pause to think about the nature of corporations and similar organizational structures. Corporations are merely groups of people.  Corporations have no rights that people don’t have, but they also don’t […]

Singaporean Health Care

John Stossel recently authored The Singapore Alternative, a pretty good write-up of the health care system in Singapore and a comparison between it and the deformed monstrosity that the U.S. congress is preparing to foist upon unsuspecting Americans. I’ve recently been a beneficiary of some pretty serious medical care in Singapore, so I thought I […]

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