President Obama criticized Congressional Republicans on Saturday for refusing to support yet another debt being loaded onto future generations of Americans. The President whined “If this obstruction continues, unemployed Americans will see their benefits stop. Teachers and firefighters will lose their jobs.”

Yes, Mr. President. That’s what happens when overwhelming bureaucracy and debt strangle an economy. Americans are unemployed because American businesses can no longer afford to employ them. Record numbers of Americans are unemployed and the unemployed are staying unemployed for record lengths of time. This will continue until the federal government stops hobbling the ability American businesses to compete globally.

Teachers and firefighters are going to be laid off because the people who were taxpayers under previous administrations are now unemployed. Without income, they do not pay income taxes and they do not buy houses and pay property taxes. This lessened demand has lowered the value of almost every home in America, which in turn lowers property tax revenue even further. When your mismanagement of the economy destroys the tax base, teachers and firefighters must pay the price along with their fellow Americans. Their status as government employees does not give them special rights to keep their jobs while less privileged Americans become unemployed.

Blaming Congressional Republicans for your inability to pass yet another “stimulus” bill is disingenuous. The Democratic Party controls the White House and both houses of Congress. If you can’t pass a bill under these conditions, you should resign for incompetence.

It is immoral to tax our grandchildren to pay for more “stimulus packages” which are nothing but thinly veiled attempts to hide the damage that your administration has done to our nations economy. Every child born in America today is born $42,310 in debt. These future generations are being enslaved in debt to pay for your mistakes as Commander in Chief.