Drive to Work with Cato

If you’re one of the minority of Americans who has a job and drives to work every day, I have a suggestion that could make better use of your drive time. The folks from the Cato Institute are now putting together  daily podcasts to which you can download and listen.  They also share podcasts of […]

Expat Jobs

With the current U.S. recession turning into a full-scale depression, it’s time for many Americans to broaden their job searches past the horizon. We haven’t seen unemployment at levels like this since the recession caused by Carter’s inflationary spending of the late 1970’s. Quite literally, there are no jobs for many of our sons and […]

Tax Havens

A tax haven is any territory or country where there are low taxes or no taxes at all. For some people and many companies, they find that it is more economic and makes more sense to relocate to this area because they can save a considerable amount of money on their taxes. What this creates, […]

Tax Competition

Tax competition is a term you are going to be hearing a lot in the next few years. Low taxes create growth and prosperity; high taxes strangle it. Governments that take a larger share of their nations wealth cause businesses to fail, citizens to become unemployed, and economics to shrink.  Governments that take a smaller […]

Why There Will Be No Economic Recovery

Regardless of what you hear from the professional thieves in Washington D.C. and the talking heads of the mainstream media, there will be no economic recovery.  Economic recoveries do not “just happen”, they are caused.  Cyclic economic theories do not imply that the cycles occur without human intervention, they merely show that humans tend to […]

The Reality of the Federal Deficit

The United States is broke.  We’re worse than broke, we’re in debt — deep in debt.  We’re so deep in debt that even if we accept Paul Ryan’s entire budget proposal we won’t have a balanced budget for 26 years and we won’t be back up to just being broke until 2063.  Amazingly, Democrats consider […]

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