The United States is broke.  We’re worse than broke, we’re in debt — deep in debt.  We’re so deep in debt that even if we accept Paul Ryan’s entire budget proposal we won’t have a balanced budget for 26 years and we won’t be back up to just being broke until 2063.  Amazingly, Democrats consider that plan to be too severe.

The Democrats completely fail to understand that people eventually will stop loaning us more money.  More importantly, they fail to understand that as our debt grows, our credit rating must fall — which will cause our interest rates to rise.  We will have to pay more to borrow the same amount of money.  Eventually this will lead to national bankruptcy.  It has happened in other nations and it can happen here.  This will lead to bloodshed on a national scale and the Democrats are completely unwilling to take the actions necessary to prevent this.

Our politicians in Congress recently fought tooth and nail over $61 billion dollars in proposed cuts.  $61 billion dollars is such a small portion of the $3.8 trillion dollar federal budget that it is barely worthy of mention.  If we can’t cut $61 billion now how can we ever hope to make the drastic cuts necessary to ensure our national survival in the future?  In the end, the politicians managed to cut approximately one percent of the budget.  That’s not a cut — that’s a rounding error.

I have spoken with many Democrats who refuse to accept any reductions to the federal budget.  This is akin to a drowning man who refuses to swim because swimming is too hard.  If we, the American people, do not take action very soon it will be too late to save our republic and to salvage the futures of our children.