How The US Government Just Increased the Cost of Everything

President Obama recently signed the “Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act” into law. This act made sweeping changes to the laws governing transportation in the United States and committed $105 Billion taxpayer dollars to union labor projects across the United States. The bill also included provisions to maintain artificially low interest rates […]

Causes of Homelessness

205,990 American families received default notices on their mortgages in May — a 9% increase from April. This  number represents 1 in 639 American homes. 54,844 American homes were foreclosed last month. Approximately one-fifth of the families who received default notices in May these families will end up losing their homes to foreclosure. These foreclosures […]

Sales Tax vs Income Tax

The United States is currently suffering under an unimaginably complex tax system. The maintenance of this beauracratic behemoth costs the taxpayers billions of dollars every year. The direct costs borne by the taxpayers are small in comparison to the costs borne by corporations and individual taxpayers in attempting to comply with all of these Federal […]

The Pirate Bay and the Trade Deficit

Every month, the U.S. imports approximately $50 Billion dollars more in foreign goods and services than it exports. This is the U.S. trade deficit, and it has been a serious and growing problem for more than two decades. We are only able to maintain such an enormous trade deficit because many generations of Americans before […]

The United States Falls in World Bank’s Doing Business Rankings

Every year, the World Bank ranks the world’s nations in terms of how easy it is to conduct business in each country. These rankings are extremely useful in determining which countries will benefit from improved economic performance and which countries will suffer from falling economic performance. The World Bank recently published its Doing Business report […]

The Ultimate Secret to Getting Rid of Credit Card Debt

If there is anything we can learn from celebrity disasters such as Mike Tyson, Don Johnson, Kim Basinger, and Nicholas Cage is that no matter how much money you earn, it is very easy to spend just a little bit more. The only sure-fire reliable way to control your debts is to spend less than […]

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