Every year, the World Bank ranks the world’s nations in terms of how easy it is to conduct business in each country. These rankings are extremely useful in determining which countries will benefit from improved economic performance and which countries will suffer from falling economic performance.

The World Bank recently published its Doing Business report for 2012 and the news for Americans is not good. The U.S. fell in five categories and improved in none — none.

Category 2011 2012 Drop
Starting a Business 11 13 -2
Dealing with Construction Permits 17 17
Getting Electricity 16 17 -1
Registering Property 11 16 -5
Getting Credit 4 4
Protecting Investors 5 5
Paying Taxes 70 72 -2
Trading Across Borders 20 20
Enforcing Contracts 7 7
Resolving Insolvency 14 15 -1

It is now more difficult to start a business, get electricity, register property, pay taxes, and resolve insolvency in America. These are the results of a government which has grown out of control in both scope and size. There is no hope for an economic recovery in the United States until the government is prevented from destroying American business.