Causes of Homelessness

205,990 American families received default notices on their mortgages in May — a 9% increase from April. This  number represents 1 in 639 American homes. 54,844 American homes were foreclosed last month. Approximately one-fifth of the families who received default notices in May these families will end up losing their homes to foreclosure. These foreclosures […]

14yr Old Rape Victim Beaten to Death by Islamic Court

Hena Begum was a fourteen year old girl growing up in the Shariatpur region of Bangladesh until her forty year old cousin decided to rape her. After she was raped, the rapist and his family then beat her until she was unconscious. Next, the local Sharia (Islamic) courts ruled that yound Hena should receive 101 […]

The Human Rights Foundation

The Human Rights Foundation is a private foundation dedicated to improving human rights in the Americas. The foundation defines these basic human rights to which all humans are entitled as: The right to speak freely The right to worship in the manner of their choice The right to freely associate with those of like mind […]

Stealth Inflation

The official inflation rate in July was 1.24%. This rate is based upon the Consumer Price Index (CPI), compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). According to the BLS, the same basket of basic goods that cost you $218.01 in July 2010 cost you $215.35 in July of 2009 and $219.96 in July of […]

Born into Debt Slavery

Every child who is born in America is now born owing $43,186.  This is, according the The U.S. Debt Clock, every child’s share of our more than $13 trillion dollar national debt.  This is the debt the child owes when it draws it’s first breath. If the child manages to become one of the shrinking […]

Islamic Recovery Sites

Tyranny flourishes when information is controlled.  This is why our founding fathers had the wisdom to refuse to adopt the Constitution until the Bill of Rights was part of it — and why the first of those rights was the freedom of speech. The majority of people on this planet do not possess that precious […]

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