Every child who is born in America is now born owing $43,186.  This is, according the The U.S. Debt Clock, every child’s share of our more than $13 trillion dollar national debt.  This is the debt the child owes when it draws it’s first breath.

If the child manages to become one of the shrinking group of Americans who files taxes, his or her share of the national debt will be $120,674.  This is the debt the child owes when it earns it’s first dollar.

If the child becomes successful, it will share that $13T debt with an even smaller group of Americans — those who pay more in taxes than they receive in government handouts.  And the harder the child works, the larger share of his or her income the government will demand.

This isn’t the kind of life any sane parent would wish for their child.  This is debt slavery.  This isn’t freedom, this is just slavery without the visible chains.

And now you know why babies cry…