Antisemitism at Occupy Wall Street

Leftists in the mainstream media are attempting to bury the truth that the Occupy Wall Street protests are hotbeds of antisemitism. The antisemitism should not be surprising, as many of the protest organizers have long histories of antisemitic activity. Courtesy of Mike P, we have this image of a Day of Rage protester sharing his […]

Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate

I’ve never really been interested in where Barack Obama was born.  I don’t care if he was born in Kenya or Indonesia or Hawaii.  I would care if he was born at Monticello as a direct descendant of Thomas Jefferson.  If Barack Obama was my own baby brother I would still call him a liar […]

Obama Administration Rejected Help with Oil Spill Cleanup

I have been trying not to be too hard on the Obama Administration regarding their bungling of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. After all, this is Obama’s first real job and he’s a lawyer, not an engineer. It turns out that my forbearance in criticizing the Obama administration over this issue was largely unearned. Three […]

Obama Leaks May Jobs Report Data

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) issues a report every month listing the employment statistics of the previous month.  These reports are extremely valuable to financial analysts, especially now that the unemployment rate is almost double what it was under the Bush administration.  Stocks rise and fall on these numbers, money is made or lost, […]

Obama's Secret Police

Americans have a long history of opposition to secret police forces, but that era may now be drawing to a close. Barack Obama recently signed an amendment to Executive Order 12425. Obama’s amendment to Executive Order 12425 gives Interpol authorization to operate in the United States and exempts them from all U.S. laws. Interpol’s records […]

Right Wings of the Black Community

I was watching a great video on YouTube and at the end of the video the editor displayed some great web pages for black Americans — and all Americans — to visit. The editor titled his list “Right Wings of the Black Community.” Here are the URL’s from his list: Black and Right Urban Conservative […]

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