I’ve never really been interested in where Barack Obama was born.  I don’t care if he was born in Kenya or Indonesia or Hawaii.  I would care if he was born at Monticello as a direct descendant of Thomas Jefferson.  If Barack Obama was my own baby brother I would still call him a liar and a thief.

Up to this point, I’ve ignored all of the people who are arguing that Barry Obama was born outside of the United States and is therefore not eligible to be the President.  If Barry were to resign tomorrow, the country would be in the hands of that idiot Joe Biden.  That’s not really an improvement.

The Birther Movement Is Obama’s Fault by Tommy De Seno of JustifiedRight really changed my views on this issue.

A few excerpts from Tom’s excellent article:

The reason why people still question Obama’s citizen status is one-fold: “President Transparency” has refused to release any original documents on the matter. He can end the controversy in a day by releasing original documents, but for some inexplicable reason he refuses, and his love-struck media never asks him why he won’t.

The issue is the subject of several lawsuits, which only seek a peek at original documents. Can anyone explain why it is smarter for Obama to spend tens of thousands of dollars and man-hours defending the suits, when he can win the lawsuit for free by showing the original documents?

The Birth Certificate: The certificate put on the Internet by Obama and held up by the media was created in 2007. In the lower left corner of the form there is reference to a Hawaiian statute that was revised in November of 2001, and if you look closely at the front you can see bleeding through from the back the date stamp from 2007 when the document was created. It’s just a certification that an original does exist. The Birthers say: “Then show us the original.” Obama says, “No.” Why?

School Records: The Birthers believe that Obama’s records from college and graduate school will show he matriculated as a foreign born student. This is easy – shut them up by releasing them! Obama’s response? “No.” Why?

Financial Aid Records: Barack Obama relishes his own personal Sonia Sotomayor-like story of how he came from a broken home and pulled himself up by his own bootstraps. But he refuses to show how his very expensive tuition from Occidental College, Columbia University and Harvard Law School were paid for. The Birthers believe the records will show Obama received financial aid as a foreign born student. Obama says they won’t. Not to sound like a broken record, but releasing the records will end the controversy, and Obama refuses to do so. Why?

The entire article is well worth reading.  Go have a look and it may change your mind as it did mine.