Vomit Flashlight
Technically, this is the “LED Incapacitator” from Intelligent Optical Systems, but the name “Vomit Flashlight” is more descriptive of its function.

The vomit flashlight is a non-lethal weapon which uses Light Emitting Diodes to blind and disorient opponents. It works by overwhelming the subject with a brilliant light that continuously changes its color and pulse patterns. The strangest thing is that it actually works.

The device uses a built-in rangefinder to set the light output to a safe level.

This animated cross section shows how red, green, and blue LEDs are focused through the optical plate:

How the Vomit Flashlight Works

The devices are still under development, but should be deployable by 2010.  In addition to saving lives, this device may save a few people from being tasered.