I know a lot of people who are clearly preparing for the next American revolution.  Some are stockpiling food, others are stockpiling ammunition, still others are stockpiling investments.  Some have left the country altogether, having lost hope that the America they once knew can ever be resurrected.

These people aren’t difficult to find.  Talk to Americans in pretty much any walk of life, say something short about how bad the situation in the U.S. has become, then quickly look away.  Odds are good that they will follow-up by sharing a story from their own lives. After a few minutes of conversation, mention that something must be done and see where the conversation goes.  In some places, these people are one in a hundred. In other places, these people are one in three.

Our political “leaders” are terrified to speak about this.  The talking heads in mainstream media are terrified that Americans might be thinking of this.  Federal law enforcement officials are surreptitiously monitoring Americans they fear might be ahead of the curve in leading calls to revolution.

They can’t stop the revolution, because they don’t understand it.  A revolution does not start with a few people carrying guns.  A revolution starts when a large number of people come to the realization that the government is broken and lose their fear of disobedience.  It doesn’t take violence to create a successful revolution, it only requires people to stop taking the government seriously.

Popular revolutions often come as great surprises to the “beloved leaders” who have lost touch with their people.  Popular revolutions need not be extraordinarily bloody, because a majority of the people reach the consensus that it is time for a change.

If you want America to recover, if you want a better world for your children to live in, if you want to be part of the solution instead of part of the problem, just start talking to people.  Share the knowledge that we can have a better government.  Help to build the consensus that it is time for a change.  Don’t stockpile your ideas, share them.