Facebook keeps recommending that I “like” the GOP/RNC; I keep not pressing that button.

I like a lot of people in the GOP.  I like a lot of principles that those people stand for.  I don’t like a lot of people in the DNC and I don’t agree with the principles for which the DNC stands.  And yet, I can’t convince myself to mouse click in support of the RNC.  Why not?

The RNC leadership seems mostly to consist of RINO’s — Republicans In Name Only.  These are professional campaigners who are more interested in election results than in principles.  That’s just not very attractive to me.  I don’t want to just win, I want to win for a good cause.  If we win by supporting something which is morally wrong, we have really lost. Republicans who spend too much time in the Beltway become big government Republicans — also known as Democrats.  Any Republican who has been in Congress for more than three terms should be suspected of being a closet Democrat.  If a Republican congressperson suggests that the solution to any new problem is more government,  we need to replace them at the first opportunity.  RINO’s aren’t an endangered species which we should be protecting, they are violent animals who stomp all over our Constitutional freedoms and they should be hunted to extinction.

The other belt where Republicans become confused is the Bible Belt.  It is appalling that the Republican Party has become the party of social conservatism.  The Republican Party is the younger of the two political parties in the United States and it was created to fight the Democratic Party on the issue of slavery.  The new Republican Party took the very non-conservative stance that slavery should be outlawed.  You may recall how our young Abraham Lincoln mossed the floor with their Stephen Douglas.  The Democrats should be the conservative party.  They have supported every anti-humanist idea from slavery to internment to communism.  Democrats believe that people are property of their governments, the exact opposite of the Republican belief that governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.  The Democrats viewpoint is extremely statist and conservative, while the Republican viewpoint is both liberal and radical.  Democrats love and trust government, what could be more conservative than that?  Republicans distrust and dislike government, what could be less conservative than that?

The Republican party needs to purge itself of the social conservatives who have been holding the party back for decades.  Republicans should not be arguing against gay marriage, republicans should be arguing against state marriage.  Marriage should be a private affair.  Government has no legitimate role in regulating marriage.  The social conservatives in the Republican party caused the entire party to miss the real issue.

Will the Republican party be smaller after purging both the Beltway and the Bible Belt — temporarily yes.  But it will also be a more likable party — one that is ready to grow and attract new members by having a real ideas and consistent moral standpoint.  Compromise doesn’t make us good Republicans, it just makes us bad Democrats.