Ronald Reagan used to say “There are no easy answers, but there are simple answers. We must have the courage to do what we know is morally right.” Back in the 1980’s when Ronny was president, Americans had attention spans long enough to watch an entire music video on MTV. Those days, alas, are history. The modern voter, “prepared” for life by our failing “educational” system could never be expected to pay attention to anything for three whole minutes. That’s really just expecting too much from a generation of voters who are accustomed to the majority of their reading occurring via text messages on mobile telephones.

To reach those voters, we need simple messages. These are often called “memes”.  These are far shorter than the “sound bites” that we complained about back in the 1980’s.  Here are a series of memes which document how we can pull America back from the brink of destruction — in three words:

  • Enforce the Constitution
  • Demand Government Accountability
  • Prosecute Government Officials
  • Repeal Unconstitutional Legislation
  • Reduce Government Footprint
  • Balanced Budget Amendment
  • Federal Hiring Freeze
  • Term Limit Politicians
  • Require Voter ID
  • Eliminate National Debt
  • Reduce Tax Burden
  • Eliminate Unnecessary Bureaucracy
  • Reduce Government Overhead
  • Sell Government Assets
  • Eliminate Government Subsidies
  • Respect Taxpayer Dollars
  • Simplify Tax System
  • Eliminate Unnecessary Agencies
  • Outsource Federal Agencies

These are just examples. You can find more memes about how to save America in three words from our followers on Twitter: #ThreeWordsToSaveAmerica.