Katie Couric, the prime-time mass-media news anchor most well known for her short skirts, recently displayed the truly epic depths of her ignorance in a Facebook interview.

Katie opined “I’m all for people having free speech and expressing their views and we’ve talk about this a lot and I hate to sound like a broken record, but I wish there was a way for all of us to discuss our differences without being – digging in our heels so much and being respectful of other people’s points of view. But it all seems to be expressed through kind of a prism of anger and disgust and disrespect, which I find really – really troubling and upsetting.”

Yes Katie, Americans are angry and we are angry at you.  We are angry at politicians who pass thousands of pages of laws without even reading them.  We are angry at politicians who steal hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars to fund pork barrel projects.  We are angry at politicians who have so little control of their appetites for taxpayer dollars that they are effectively selling our grandchildren into economic slavery.  And we are angry at you for supporting America’s rapid slide into decline with biased reporting.  We are angry that you have failed to do your job and we are angry that you are so woefully ignorant that you don’t appear capable of understanding why we are angry.

Katie’s understanding seems to start and stop with her admission of “Maybe I’m naïve and idealistic.”  Yes Katie, you are niave and idealistic, but you are also in a very powerful position to shape the future of this once-great nation and you are completely unprepared for that role.

Here’s a simple phrase to remind you why we are angry with you: Don’t Tread on Me.  We, the American people, are sick and tired of our rights being pranced upon by a bunch of limousine liberals.

If you want us not to be angry with you, stay away from our pocketbooks, stay away from our guns, stay away from our children, and just in general learn to mind your own business.