The FDA and e-Cigarettes

I’ve been caught up watching President Obama the past few days from the 2010 State of the Union through his public meetings with the Republican leadership in Washington the past few days. One of his common themes was his efforts at reducing the impact that lobbyists have on our government, laws, and the American Way […]

Obama's Secret Police

Americans have a long history of opposition to secret police forces, but that era may now be drawing to a close. Barack Obama recently signed an amendment to Executive Order 12425. Obama’s amendment to Executive Order 12425 gives Interpol authorization to operate in the United States and exempts them from all U.S. laws. Interpol’s records […]

Putting Waterboarding in Perspective

There’s a lot of discussion about waterboarding these days. Is it torture? Is it acceptable? Is is necessary? Is it effective? Is it a good idea? It’s easy to become very emotional about the topic. We wouldn’t want someone to do that to us and we naturally find it difficult to think of ourselves as […]

Why Iraq?

Where you support or oppose the U.S.-led mission to achieve freedom for the Iraqi people, one criticism of the Bush administration seems to be unavoidable. This is that the Bush administration has never clearly explained the reasoning behind their decision. The benefits of the forced regime change in Iraq are far reaching, but they are […]

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