There are plenty of bad people in the world who seek to limit our liberties. Unfortunately, instead of actively opposing these people, most of us are actually supporting these people. We are doing this by doing business with the businesses which these people use to fund their political activities. We are paying for our own oppression.

Who Are These People and Companies?

The most obvious offenders are the news media. ABC, CBC, NBC, and CNN top the list. Numerous magazines and newspapers are also hostile to liberty. When we watch these stations or advertise on them, we are effectively telling them that we approve of their continual assaults on our liberty.

The second tier of obvious offenders are the entertainment media. This includes almost every Hollywood studio and many individual entertainers. There are too many to list. In general, if you are watching a movie or a television show or listening to mass-market music — you are supporting your own oppression.

Selected Studios:

  • DreamWorks Animation (Jeffrey Katzenberg – top Obama bundler)
  • Warner Brothers (Barry and Wendy Meyer – top Obama bundler)
  • Lions Gate Films (Distributor of Fahrenheit 911)
  • DreamWorks SKG (Andy Spahn – top Obama bundler)
  • DreamWorks (George Soros)

Selected Musicians:

  • Jon Bon Jovi (leftist activist)
  • Bruce Springsteen (leftist activist)

These offenders tend to be extremely obvious. They produce films, television shows, and music which clearly promote socialist values. Far more insidious are the product companies which appear innocent and then use the profits from your business to promote socialist causes.

Selected Companies:

  • Heinz (Theresa Heinz Kerry and John Kerry)
  • Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream (Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield)
  • Stonyfield Farm (Gary Hirshberg)
  • Craigslist (Craig Newmark)
  • Progressive Insurance – (Peter B. Lewis)
  • Choice Hotels International / Comfort Inn / Comfort Suites / Quality Inn / Sleep Inn / Clarion / Cambria Suites / Mainstay Suites / Suburban Extended Stay Hotel / Econo Lodge / Rodeway Inn / Ascend Collection (Stewart Bainum – top Obama bundler)
  • Centerbridge Partners / Extended Stay Hotels / PF Chang’s (Mark Gallogly – top Obama bundler)

Here’s where things get sticky. We are talking about punishing an entire company for the actions of a single individual — who is perhaps not even the majority owner of the enterprise. If we do not do this, these people and organizations will continue to use our own funds to work against us. We do not owe these people a fair trial — they do not have a right to our business. We can just as well offer our business to individuals and companies without ulterior motives or with political beliefs more in accord with our own.

Each buying decision is your own. No one is forcing you not to do business with anyone. What I would encourage is that you research the people and companies with which you do business and make your own decisions.

Please Comment

The companies and individuals listed above are merely examples. If you have additional companies or individuals to list, please add them in the comments. If you have supporting (or refuting) data on an entry in this list, please add that data in the comments also. I will periodically update this article with new data from the comments and from other sources.