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Violence at Occupy Wall Street

Violence at Occupy Wall Street

Violence by Occupy Wall Street protesters has spread to demonstrations across the nation, with thousands of rioters arrested and dozens of police officers injured. Ed Mullins, president of the Sergeants Benevolent Association, explained “New York’s police officers are working around the clock as the already overburdened economy in New York is being drained by ‘occupiers’ who intentionally and maliciously instigate needless and violent confrontations with the police.” More than twenty New York city police officers have been injured by the protesters.

Here is a photo of Felix Rivera-Pitre, an HIV-positive protester, assaulting a New York city police officer:

AnkaKarewicz posted this photo from Occupy Oakland, showing that the event organizers were training the protesters how to assault peace officers:

Here’s a photo posted by @ReadyAimShoot of a protester at Occupy Oakland carrying a sign that says “All My Heroes Kill Cops”:

Here is a video of an Occupy Oakland protesters admitting that protesters were pelting the peace officers with bottles and rocks before the police were forced to use tear gas:

The protesters at Occupy Phoenix have been distributing a leaflet titled “When Should You Shoot a Cop” which advocates the murder of law enforcement officers.

Protesters at Occupy Boston assaulted a young female member of America’s Coast Guard by spitting at her and throwing a bottle at her.

The Boston police are investigating threats made to their officers by Occupy Boston organizers, protesters, and sympathizers.

A protesters at Occupy Wall Street was arrested by police after he threatened to stab reporter John Huddy. The protester, Dustin Taylor, of Millerburg Ohio, was charged with grand larceny, menacing, criminal possession of a weapon, and harassment.

New York police also arrested a man for making death threats against a woman, because she reported an assault to the NYPD. The protester, Hasan Castillo, of East Orange New Jersey was arrested, but police as still searching for two accomplices. They men apparently told the woman “You had our friend arrested — we’re going to kill you. Watch your back.”

This speaker at Occupy LA explains that non-violence will not work and that violence is necessary to achieve the Occupiers goals:

It isn’t only that the protesters are engaging in violence, or that the organizers are encouraging violence. To make matters worse, the organizers are discouraging event participants from reporting violence and other crimes to the police as part of their media management strategy. Victims of violence, including sexual assault, are being pressured to let these crimes go unreported so as to prevent media coverage of these incidents. One police officer described the grim situation in Zuccotti Park, “There is a lot of infighting in the park. There is one part of the park where they won’t even go at night.”

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Ron Russell
Ron Russell

I've written several post on the OWS mobs and that's what they are. These folks are very much like the anti-war radicals of the 1960's that gave rise to the modern day Democratic Party.


This web site went mighty silent real fast.


Hummm!! How about another true life example as to how far the democrats are willing to go for power. Remember when the Democrats argued that Iran has the right for Peaceful Nuclear Power? Iran is no longer the only country in the Middle East that is Building Nuclear Reactors For Peaceful Nuclear Power of course. The countries so far "This is just from memory too" are the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Kuwait, Egypt, Sudan, Jordan, and there is one more but I can't remember that one. The Democrats started a New Nuclear Arms Race, and in all places the Middle East. I only will post what you can find online, not what's offline. But I am very sure you folks are getting a good idea as to how crazy for power the Democrats really are. Welcome to the REAL WORLD OF POLITICS.


Yeah!!!! Chris, That's what I was banking on. That the media would down play it. That the democrats would support it. Folks get to see what the democrats are really like, and it still might be a close race. Even when the democrats were attacking bush and POSTING the White House telephone numbers on the internet; No One in the media said anything "" as to why? Access? Cover? Who knows? It was wrong for the democrats to do it though because posting the numbers gives our enemies a blue print to follow on how to hack the White House telephones, computers, cell phones. Now why is that web site still up? As long as the numbers are not current to the specific Administration in power IT'S NOT ILLEGAL. Democrats will do anything for power, and I do mean ANYTHING. When you see that web site? THEN YOU WILL BELIEVE. The Democrats WILL even enlist the help of our Enemies to WIN. THIS IS VERY REAL as your posts are.. You folks are getting just but a taste as to how far the democrats will really go to for power.

Chris Future
Chris Future

Love the way the media go out of their way to SAY the protest is non-violent when it obviously isn't


The madness just keeps ratcheting up. This from Occupy Vancouver: '...two police officers were sent to the hospital Monday night with "human bite wounds" after they attempted to stop protesters from pushing and shoving firefighters who were trying to extinguish a burning fire in a barrel. "Our officers received the full wrath of the protesters, who punched, kicked and bit them. In the scuffle one officer has his ammunition clip stolen." There were no arrests made.' Source: Seriously... no arrests made after protesters assaulted firefighters and bit police officers? Madness.


The democrats are after the youth vote. What better group to use then the ones who are ignorant..


I have heard the marine may not have been hit by a police projectile. It may have been a bottle thrown by the protesters. Which makes sense because if he was hit by a tear gas can, where was the gas spewing out everywhere? I think the OWS folks are liars. How much you want to bet the illegals are being paid to start violence, break windows, start fires, vandilize banks in the wallstreet protests? It is coming out that this were paid gang members in England that did the same thing. Van Jones is in control and he knows how to work a protest. Investigate Oakland occupiers. Investigate them all. Evil is at foot here.


As the groups of "protesters" grows in numbers, is funded by extremist groups and promotes murder, anarchy and destroys the commerce of cities they inhabit our President continues to support them in subliminal ways in his daily campaign speeches. Nancy Pelosi loves them and remember she called the Tea Party "Astroturf". Movie stars connect with them to egg them on as if they have some higher enlightenment outside of acting. Just as liberalism destroys everything it touches so too will this group. They will destroy themselves and everyone else will be left to pick up the pieces and clean up after them. What they leave behind in mindset may never be cleansed from our society. They have started a campaign to destroy people's lives with whom they disagree and brought coveting to a an all new high. The hypocrisy of this bunch of thugs is unbelievable!


Very well put Lynda. I am so disheartened by these young people that are supposed to be our future. They seem so unworthy of such a great task. I hope wisdom comes with age. It certainly hasn't come with 'higher learning',

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