Tea Party Twitter Handles

The tea party movement has grown so strong so rapidly that even the leftist mass media have covered some of the events. Of course, they see men and women standing up for their Constitutional rights as dangerous extremists whose very existence threatens the socialist paradise which the new communist movement is building for Americans.

One trouble with this media exposure is that all mass media outlets appear to have some sort of dark-ages policy against helping viewers find more information. They talk about tea party groups organizing via Twitter, but they don’t list the Twitter handles you need to find people to organize with. Here are a few of those groups.












TPOrg (Tea Party Organizers)

Local Groups

Alabama: AlabamaTeaParty, WetumkpaTea, HSVTeaParty

Arizona: AZTeaParty, PhoenixTeaParty

California: SCVTeaParty (Santa Clarita Valley), TeaPartySCV, LateaParty (South Bay / Redondo Beach), OCTeaParty (Orange County), Thunder1776 (Pasadena), SVTPMovement (Silicon Valley), TeaPartyPAC, RedlandsTParty, CVTeaParty, MurrietaParty

Colorado: EvergreenTParty, LkwdTeaParty (Lakewood)

Delaware: DETeaParty

Florida: TCTaxTeaParty (Treasure Coast), SouthFLTeaParty, OrlandoTeaParty, FWBTeaParty, LakelandTea

Georgia: AtlantaTeaParty, DouglasTeaParty (Douglas County), SavTeaParty (Savannah)

Hawaii: HIKaiTeaParty

Idaho: TeaPartyBoise, IdahoTea

Illinois: ChicagoTeaParty, LCTeaParty (Lake County)

Indiana: IndyTeaParty, INTeaParty, IndianaTeaParty, THTeaParty (Terre Haute), HoosierTeaParty

Iowa: DSMTeaParty

Kansas: PittKSTeaParty

Louisiana: SBTeaParty (Shreveport Bossier), NorthShore912 (Mandeville), AcadianaTea

Maine: METeaParty

Massachusetts: BostonTeaParty

Michigan: TParTConvention, AdrianTeaParty

Minnesota: MNTeaParty, StPaulTeaParty

Mississippi: TupeloTeaParty

Missouri: KCTea, STLTeaParty

Montana: BozemanTeaParty

Nevada: SecondTeaParty

New Hampshire: NHTeaParty

New Mexico: ABQTeaParty, RedRiverTP

New York: TeaParty365, LITeaParty (Massapequa), TeaPartysInNY (Staten Island)

North Carolina: RaleighTeaParty, MaconTea, OrangeCoNCTP, NCTeaParty

Ohio: CincyTeaParty, CantonTeaParty

Oklahoma: TulsaTeaParty, OKC_TeaParty, PoteauTeaParty

Pennsylvania: PGHTeaParties

Rhode Island: RITeaParty

South Dakota: SDTeaParty

Texas: DTeaParty (Dallas), KatyTea, McAllen Tea Party, ArlTeaParty (Arlington), AMTeaParty (Southfork), CarrTeaParty (Carrollton), SLTeaParty (Sugar Land), WestTXPatriots, McKinneyTeaParty, HillTeaParty (Hillsboro), CollinCountyTea

Tennessee: TNTeaParty, ChatteaParty, MemphisTea

Utah: UtahTeaParty, CSGTeaParty (Columbus Gate)

Virginia: LibertyProject (Richmond), RoanokeTeaParty, LBurgTeaParty, GiveUsLiberty, DanvilleTea, SCVATeaParty, HRTeaParty (Hampton Roads)

West Virginia: TeaPartyNCWV (Clarksburg), WVTaxTeaParty

Wisconsin: ECTeaParty (Eau Claire)

Wyoming: CodyTeaParty


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