Strangling American Business

Some people wonder why American businesses are failing to compete in the global economy.  I don’t — I wonder how they are managing to do as well as they are.  Take a look at corporate tax rates among some of the worlds most advanced economies: Australia: 30% Austria: 25% Canada: 29.5-35.5% France: 33.33% Germany: 29.8% […]

Don't Stimulate Demand – Improve Competitiveness

I was reading a new article on Obama’s recent “jobs summit” and I came across this quote from Bucknell University “economist” Gregory A. Krohn: “The best remedies are aimed toward trying to stimulate demand. To me, the main economic problem facing the country is there’s too little demand for goods and services. To increase employment […]

L-Shaped Recovery

I think that everyone can finally stop arguing about whether we will see a V-shaped recovery or a U-shaped recovery and start accepting that what we are going to see is an L-shaped recovery. Take a look at the laundry list of enormous challenges to a recovery: Out-of-control government spending Record federal government deficits Skyrocketing […]

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