Our Founding Fathers Would Not Have Put Up with Gun Control

Our nations founding fathers fought gun control — by killing the who the people who tried to enforce it.  Paul Revere’s famous ride started because Dr. Joseph Warren believed that government troops were marching on Concord to confiscate the arms stored there.  Dr. Warren later died defending his right to carry arms at the Battle […]

The Reality of the Federal Deficit

The United States is broke.  We’re worse than broke, we’re in debt — deep in debt.  We’re so deep in debt that even if we accept Paul Ryan’s entire budget proposal we won’t have a balanced budget for 26 years and we won’t be back up to just being broke until 2063.  Amazingly, Democrats consider […]

Gun Ownership

The Small Arms Survey estimates that there are 270 million privately owned firearms in the United States, which equals approximately .9 firearms for every American.  To my mind, that’s a good start. That number represents a large percentage of the approximately 650 million firearms in private hands across the globe.  This is why Americans enjoy […]

Economic Humor

These jokes about the current economy recently showed up in my Inbox. As bad as the economy is getting, laughter at least is still free.  🙂 The economy is so bad that I got a pre-declined credit card in the mail. The economy is so bad that when I ordered a burger at McDonald’s, the […]

Winston Churchill on Islam

Winston Churchill was arguably the greatest Briton to ever live, and, as his mother was American, we might also consider him a great American.  Churchill fought in the Boer War, in India, and in WWI.  He is most well known, however, for leading Great Britain through WWII as Prime Minister.  In addition to his military […]

When Flying the Flag Upside Down is Patriotic

Dr. Thomas Byrd caused a stir of controversy in Michigan when he flew the American flag upside down in front of his office. Some people originally mistook this as a sign of disrespect for the flag and the nation, but those people are apparently unfamiliar with flag etiquette. The U.S.Flag Code (USC Title 4, Chapter […]

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