Panama’s Gun Laws

Panama's Gun Laws

The Pinkerton Intelligence Agency has given Panama has the highest rating for tourist safety. After having visited four countries in the area (Belize, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Panama), I can tell you from personal experience that Panama is by far the safest country in the region.

Private firearms ownership is the reason that Panamanians enjoy this level of safety and security.

Panama does not have ridiculous laws against carrying a weapon concealed. In fact, if you can legally purchase a firearm in Panama, you are also legally allowed to carry it concealed.

Panama also does not have crazy laws to prevent honest citizens from receiving permits to buy firearms. You are required to give a blood sample with a finger prick. This is used for DNA fingerprinting. You will also be asked to pee in a cup to show that you are drug-free. Applicants are then checked by the police department. This isn’t quick; nothing in Panama is quick.

For American pensionados (retirees) and other immigrants to Panama, the process is the same. Yes, you can retire to a tropical paradise and sip rum drinks on the beach, all the while knowing that your family and your property is protected.

Short barreled rifles and shotguns are legal in Panama. Silencer are not legal. Fully-automatic weapons are also not legal.

For more information on firearm ownership in Panama, read Panama Gun Laws.

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Your way to enlighten everything on this blog is actually pleasant, everyone manage to efficiently be familiar with it, Thanks a great deal.



That alleged Pinkerton study is an old myth created of the whole cloth by people trying to sell real estate here in Panama. The nature of Panama's gun laws is also much more restrictive than described here. For one thing, you have to get a permit for any firearm, which requires drug testing and an examination by a psychiatrist, and especially for foreigners gun permits come very slowly if at all. The gun culture is by and large not appreciated in Panama and almost all hunting is illegal.

Yes, there are transplanted American "sovereign citizens" and militia types who will tell potential immigrants otherwise, but when such people try to set up operations here the National Police have a practice of calling them into the station and suggesting that they leave the country at once.


Been there too. Nice place, Nice!! Nice to see you back. The democrats through there politics HAVE caused a great deal of grief to the Latin American People. What a pity that most of what they did IS classified "Nice way for the democrats to hide their crimes". If the Hispanics knew what the democrats did to them in latin America? They sure as heck would NOT vote democrat.

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