Never Get Busted Again

Imprisoning one person in a Bureau of Prisons facility costs $23,183.69 a year (2004 numbers). Those a taxpayer dollars. If we weren’t imprisoning drug users, those dollars could be used for other purposes. What could you do with an extra $23,183.69 a year? How does the War on Drugs affect one of your most precious freedoms — the freedom to spend your hard-earned money as you freely choose?

Barry Cooper is a hardened veteran of the War on Drugs. As a Texas law enforcement officer, Barry arrested hundreds of citizens for drug law violations. He worked with the ATF, DEA, and FBI to incarcerate people for exercising their rightful liberties with their own bodies.

Never Get Busted Again

Barry has since seen the error of his ways and to prove it he has produced a video called Never Get Busted Again which instructs citizens on how to avoid being profiled and arrested as a narcotics user. The video also teaches citizens a lot about how the police and the legal systems work — and don’t work.

750,000 American citizens are jailed each year for violating marijuana prohibition laws. Please, if you are going to take illegal drugs — buy this video and save the American taxpayers some money.

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