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Gregory Girard's Worst Nightmare Comes True

Gregory Girard's Worst Nightmare Comes True

Gregory Girard is an telecommunications consultant who lives in Manchester-by-the-Sea Massachusetts. Over the last few years, Greg has become increasingly worried that the U.S. government would start ignoring citizens Constitutional rights, confiscate their firearms in illegal raids, and imprison them without charges.

To protect the his Constitutional rights, and the Constitutional rights of all Americans, Greg started to prepare for the dark days which he foresaw as a very real possibility. He legally purchased firearms and other weapons, along with food and medical supplies.

This prompted the local, state, and federal police to conduct an illegal raid on Gregory’s house, confiscate his legal property, and imprison him without charges. On 9 February Greg’s home was raided, his supplies were confiscated, and he was dragged off to jail.

The state has been forced to drop most of the charges against Girard, but they are still holding him without bail — hoping to invent some new crime with which to charge him.

Police have moronically claimed that the batons Greg owns are “illegally” acquired, even though they can be purchased from many stores by any private citizen. The police have also referred to a metal plate that Greg owns as an “illegal ballistic plate” — as if there is some new law against metal plates. A police spokesman also stated “”We feel our community is safer having this kind of weaponry off the street”, implying that Greg was wandering down the street with his survival supplies.

The ineptitude of the prosecution includes:

  • Mistaking legal smoke generators as hand grenades.
  • Mistaking legal flash suppressors for firearm silencers.
  • Charging Greg with “carrying dangerous weapons”, even though Greg didn’t carry any of these weapons outside his home.

The government has been made to understand their mistakes on the issues of the “hand grenades” and the issue of “carrying” weapons. They are still too rock stupid to understand the different between a flash suppressor and a silencer.

Firing a weapon inside one’s own home isn’t even a criminal offense in Massachusetts — but Greg is still being held without bail. He’s being imprisoned purely for his political beliefs. In addition, Greg’s license to carry a firearm was revoked — even though he has not been convicted of any crime.

From this point of view, Greg’s worry that the U.S. government will start ignoring citizens Constitutional rights, begin confiscating their firearms in illegal raids, and carelessly imprison citizens without charges seems pretty reasonable.

If this can happen to a upstanding citizen in suburban Massachusetts, it can happen to any of us.  Without the protection of the United States Constitution, there is nothing to protect us from government depredation.  The government seems more than willing to completely ignore the Constitution.  What will we do to stop them?  What will you do to protect your Constitutional rights?

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Gregory Girard's Worst Nightmare Comes True, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

I was in jail with Greg, his cell mate at that - and I gotta say he is one of the nicest, kindest guys I have met in my time on this earth.  I'll never forget walking into my cell, and seeing him look up w a nervous look on his face (Just had a few sh!thead cell mates before me) - writing his patent as always, and stood up and greeted me as I would expect to be greeted in a professional setting.  He then asked which bunk I wanted and just let me know that what was his was mine as long as I didn't take advantage of it and just wanted to do his time, that's all...

That changed quickly, within 3 days we were up til 3am shooting the shit, talking tech stuff and just general stories, and he would always provide me some sort of comforting "words of wisdom" such as "Wow man, I cannot believe you went through that, you seem like such a nice kid I am sorry u had to deal with that, and I am sure that you will do the right thing to get back on track when you get out". 

With that said, both myself (I came and went while Greg sat there for months) and have been clean/sober - gotten my life back and am currently living the dream, and I am not saying it is all thanks to him or anything but bottom line is he is a good doobie - he truly is a really nice guy, with REAL genuine concerns for a "Doomsday Scenario" and although some may view his beliefs as extreme, you can quote that man word for word on what he was saying back in 2010 and ALL of the "Crazy talk" he was spewing about "Armegeddon" is now becoming a reality.  

Doomsday Preppers gets good enough ratings to keep running, everyone around us is stocking and prepping, the government just bought the largest ammo cache in history, government has officially SHUT DOWN for a period of time, and currency is losing value at an incredible rate while gold (Which Greg had Bullion stashed, which was one of their "Concerns")  - was he just aware of and preparing for what we all are now back then??   

Think about it........... 

Annie Howel
Annie Howel

This is complete bullshit. Everyone has the right to have arms in their own house. It sounds like they are trying to make an example out of him, and yet they're too damn CHICKEN to even say they're trying to do that. I would like to know more about the circumstances, though. Was Greg extremely vocal about his opinions in public? It just seems odd that they would single him out, so to speak. Has this happened to anyone else?


All the charges were dropped except for discharging a firearm within 500 feet of a dwelling and two counts of illegal possession of silencers. Those two were "continued without a finding" for four years by Judge Richard Mori. What this means is that the government is holding these over Greg's head unless he does exactly everything they demand for the next four years -- and you can be certain that this means no political activity. As long as Greg plays ball, they will pretend he's a free man. Playing ball includes pretending that opposing the federal government is a mental condition by seeing a court-ordered psychiatrist. Yes, opposing totalitarianism is now officially "crazy" behavior in Massachusetts. Police are also confiscating without due process all of Greg's arms -- even though they were legally registered. Greg has been convicted of no crime, but his home has been raided, he has been arrested and held without bail until he agreed to give up his Constitutional rights, and his legal property has been stolen by a rapacious government. Greg has lost his arms, his property, and his political freedom. Anyone who believes that Greg's worries about totalitarianism are unfounded is crazy.

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