Quranic Verses You Should Know

Everyone should study the Quran.  Over a billion people claim Islam as their religion. Most of them have spent very little time studying the Quran and have almost no idea what it teaches. Few members of other religions bother to study the Quran, despite the threat that Islam poses to the survival of our species. […]

The Skeptic’s Annotated Qua’ran

I was looking for a Sura I remembered and Google introduced me to The Skeptic’s Annotated Qua’ran. The site displays each sura of the Qua’ran, along with analytical study notes giving a plain-English analysis of important verses. Verses are also marked with a useful legend highlighting specific attributes: Injustice Intolerance Cruelty and Violence Absurdities Good […]

Moral Equivalence and Religious Freedom

My left-leaning acquaintances consistently attempt to convince me that all religions are equally good and equally bad. This is one instance of the doctrine of “moral equivalence.” The trouble is, moral equivalence just isn’t true. If you and I were to meet on the street, I could smile at you or I could punch you […]

14yr Old Rape Victim Beaten to Death by Islamic Court

Hena Begum was a fourteen year old girl growing up in the Shariatpur region of Bangladesh until her forty year old cousin decided to rape her. After she was raped, the rapist and his family then beat her until she was unconscious. Next, the local Sharia (Islamic) courts ruled that yound Hena should receive 101 […]

Thirteen Year Old Girl Raped to Death

Ilham Mahdi al-Assi, a 13 year old girl, died in al-Thawra hospital in the Hajja province of Yemen. Young Ilham had been forced into a marriage with an older man. The older man put his penis in the little girl and raped her until her vagina ruptured. She died of hemorrhaging. She had survived five […]

Islam and Science

Dr. Pervez Hoodbhoy, a Professor of Nuclear Physics at Quaid-i-Azam University in Islamabad Pakistan, has written an intensely insightful analysis of the problems of science in the Islamic world titled Science and the Islamic world — The Quest for Rapprochement. The entire article is well worth reading. I will excerpt a few paragraphs which highlight […]

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