Escape ObamaCare and Get a Free Vacation

ObamaCare has more than doubled the premiums I pay as an employer to provide health insurance for my U.S.-based employees.  This has contributed significantly to my decision to stop hiring Americans and focus all job creation overseas.  At the same wages, non-US employees are significantly less expensive in terms of total costs than US-based employees. […]

Singaporean Health Care

John Stossel recently authored The Singapore Alternative, a pretty good write-up of the health care system in Singapore and a comparison between it and the deformed monstrosity that the U.S. congress is preparing to foist upon unsuspecting Americans. I’ve recently been a beneficiary of some pretty serious medical care in Singapore, so I thought I […]

Free Health Care for Illegal Aliens?

Andrew Napolitano recently wrote an article titled Was Joe Wilson Right? This article contained some surprising data.  I was personally shocked to discover that I was ignorant of some very important facts which Judge Napolitano brought to my attention through the article: The Constitution requires that the government treat all persons similarly situated in a […]

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