Buy Guns Now

Buy guns now, while they are still legal. Don’t limit yourself to handguns and shotguns, buy rifles in .223 and .308 caliber. Shotguns are for home defense; handguns are for personal defense; rifles are for the defense of our nation.

Buy as many firearms as you can afford from private owners so that the government doesn’t know what you have. But buy new firearms too, we’re not going to get anywhere by trading guns amongst ourselves — we need to ensure that there are enough arms for every patriotic American.

Don’t skimp on ammunition. Ammunition can be stored for a long time and ammunition is likely to be very hard to obtain in the future.

Train as much as you can afford to while its still legal, and train with your entire family.

Store enough food and water to make sure that your family can survive the coming civil unrest.

Maintain a decent first aid kit with a good tourniquet, and an OPA and NPA. QuickClot is an expensive addition, but well worth it.

Make sure every member of your family knows what to do in case of an emergency.

Use your First Amendment rights. Talk not only with your friends and family, but with your neighbors and co-workers. Make connections. These connections will become the backbone of resistance to socialist totalitarianism.

The world witnessed what Lenin’s victory in Russia did to the people of that nation. The world witnesses what Hitler‘s election in Germany did to that nation. The world witnessed what Castro’s victory in Cuba did to that nation. The world witnessed what Chavez’s election in Venezuela did to that nation. Now we personally will witness what Barack Obama’s election victory in the United States will do to the entire world.

Keep hope. The world has seen dark times before, but we humans are still clinging to this rock called Earth.

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