Quotes for Twitter

The following quotes are all 140 characters or less, which means that they are usable on Twitter. Please enjoy them and share them with your followers.  And, of course, please tweet this page.  🙂 Any excuse will serve a tyrant. – Aesop Capital isn’t scarce; vision is. – Sam Walton The Sergeant is the Army. […]

Tea Party Twitter Handles

The tea party movement has grown so strong so rapidly that even the leftist mass media have covered some of the events. Of course, they see men and women standing up for their Constitutional rights as dangerous extremists whose very existence threatens the socialist paradise which the new communist movement is building for Americans. One […]

Tax Competition

Tax competition is a term you are going to be hearing a lot in the next few years. Low taxes create growth and prosperity; high taxes strangle it. Governments that take a larger share of their nations wealth cause businesses to fail, citizens to become unemployed, and economics to shrink.  Governments that take a smaller […]

The Border is Indefensible

The American border is indefensible and until we recognize and accept this fact we will continue to waste precious resources attempting to accomplish an impossible goal. I am not speaking here only of our Southern border, but also our Western and Eastern sea borders and our Northern border with Canada. Our Southern border is 1,969 […]

The Democratic Peace

Many Americans, on both the left and the right, are questioning the value of democracy. The left opposed America’s attempts to export democracy to Afghanistan and Iraq. The right looks at the election of Barack Obama and wonders if perhaps American voters are no longer capable of making informed voting decisions. Historically, both groups can […]

Moral Equivalence and Religious Freedom

My left-leaning acquaintances consistently attempt to convince me that all religions are equally good and equally bad. This is one instance of the doctrine of “moral equivalence.” The trouble is, moral equivalence just isn’t true. If you and I were to meet on the street, I could smile at you or I could punch you […]

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