Tax Havens

A tax haven is any territory or country where there are low taxes or no taxes at all. For some people and many companies, they find that it is more economic and makes more sense to relocate to this area because they can save a considerable amount of money on their taxes. What this creates, […]

Government Greed is Forcing America’s Best and Brightest to Seek New Homes

Because of the amount of money the government insists on taking from its citizens—both domestically and internationally—some have decided that it is better to drop American citizenship and look elsewhere for a new home. A little over 500 people renounced their citizenship to America in the 4th quarter of 2009. While this is a tiny […]

America's Founding Fathers and Islamic Terrorism

When we think about the War on Terrorism, it is so easy to think that we have only been fighting Islamic extremists since 9/11. Or, if you want to stretch it some, we’ve been fighting them since the Munich Olympics. Most Americans don’t realize that we have actually been dealing with Islamic extremists—terrorists—for much longer. […]

What Nationality is Barack Obama?

One of the biggest issues President Obama has had to deal with isn’t some foreign policy problem. Nor is it the health care debate. Nor is it the huge debt. While these are all issues that need to be dealt with, they aren’t the biggest ones. Much to the anger of many people, the biggest […]

Lessons from Jamaica's Gun Violence

For those that have been following the news, Jamaica has been going through a lot of violence as the authorities there try to find Christopher Coke. As the numbers rise daily on the number of people who have died in the gun fights between the government and the gangs, it prompts a question that many […]

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