Tea Party Twitter Handles

The tea party movement has grown so strong so rapidly that even the leftist mass media have covered some of the events. Of course, they see men and women standing up for their Constitutional rights as dangerous extremists whose very existence threatens the socialist paradise which the new communist movement is building for Americans. One […]

Apply to be a Federal Air Marshal

The Transportation Security Administration has openings for thirty new Federal Air Marshals. Starting salaries range from $36,400.00 to $83,900.00/year. DUTIES Incumbent serves as a Federal Air Marshal (FAM) in the OLE/FAMS, Transportation Security Administration (TSA), a component of the Department of Homeland Security. The OLE/FAMS mission is to promote confidence in the Nation’s civil aviation […]


We are a nation founded by immigrants. Bold men and women left their homes and families, braved incredible dangers and endured terrible hardships to come to this continent and create a new way of life in the wilderness. The descendants of those hardy and self-reliant pioneers have become content, and many of them have accepted […]

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