Tea Party Twitter Handles

The tea party movement has grown so strong so rapidly that even the leftist mass media have covered some of the events. Of course, they see men and women standing up for their Constitutional rights as dangerous extremists whose very existence threatens the socialist paradise which the new communist movement is building for Americans. One […]

Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate

I’ve never really been interested in where Barack Obama was born.  I don’t care if he was born in Kenya or Indonesia or Hawaii.  I would care if he was born at Monticello as a direct descendant of Thomas Jefferson.  If Barack Obama was my own baby brother I would still call him a liar […]

What Nationality is Barack Obama?

One of the biggest issues President Obama has had to deal with isn’t some foreign policy problem. Nor is it the health care debate. Nor is it the huge debt. While these are all issues that need to be dealt with, they aren’t the biggest ones. Much to the anger of many people, the biggest […]

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